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The active phase of implementation of Interdisciplinary European Studies on Environmental Security of Water Resources at the Department of Ecology

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“Urban Water Service: Practices in European Countries” – this is the name of the regular session held on March 24, 2021, in the online format of the Erasmus + Jean Monnet Project “Best European Water Safety Practices for Sustainable Development” 597938 -EPP-1-2018-1-UA-EPPJMO-MODULE.

The topic was presented by the Project Coordinator, Professor of the Department of Ecology, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences Olena Mitryasova.

The video materials of the topic can be found at the link:https://youtu.be/y2RdzLE1cZE

Participants of the Interdisciplinary European Studies on Environmental Safety of Water Resources discuss the following main issues: water supply systems; Ukrainian experience in drinking water quality rationing; where you can drink tap water, namely the experience of France, Germany, Poland, Great Britain, as well as drinking water quality standards in Ukraine and EU countries.

Of particular interest to the participants of the Interdisciplinary European Studies on Water Safety was the issue of drinking water quality in Ukraine of alternative sources of centralized water supply.

In continuation of the topic, the participants of the session shared the problems of water supply in other cities of the country.
The issues of low level of ecological culture, the urgency of formation of ecological consciousness among the general population, as well as decision-makers were discussed.

The project team hopes that the new knowledge in the field of water safety acquired during the Module will be the basis for the formation of certain competencies, a new platform for further creative cooperation and collaborative research.
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